The Sound of Pacific

About Shows

"BoXXXer Talk" with Ash and Marissa - Facebook   Twitter

Tune in for a safe, serious, and supportive sex talk radio show! Check the Facebook page to see what topics are going to be discussed in the show. Produced by the Pacific University Center for Gender Equity.

"Data Rot Radio" with Wolfgang

This show will feature music that has had a profound influence on culture, but will also include songs that are interesting but not commonly known. Most sets will follow general themes, such as women in punk, eclectic/underground, beach goth, lo-fi shoegaze, obscure experimental noise, hard rock, 78 rpm recordings, calming sound sample music, alternative local artists, etc. Brief information on the artists, or their impact on music/genre, will be covered in between songs. Occasionally, this content may be interrupted by opinions or music created by Wolfgang.

"Dogteeth" with Fox

This show will showcase prominent examples of underground and art pop/rock in popular music from the 1950’s to the present, mainly in the form of single songs. Each show will also be intercut with opinions and context for the music presented, as well as the occasional piece of pertinent news from the music world or general current events. The show may also include skits, interviews, etc. as time allows.

"Meese Productions" with Amber and Katie

Amber and Katie will be playing a blend of different music, mainly classic rock and classic country. A brief history of the songs and artists will be presented between songs.

"Twin Skeletons" with Nicole and MelissaFacebook  Twitter

Nicole and Melissa will be playing music from alternative genres including pop punk, grunge, alternative metal, some techno, and maybe even some music from Portland's local bands. The show will also include news from the alternative music world, and announcements for upcoming concerts in the area.

"Woke Radio" with Alexander Ibarra

This show will feature discussions of current pop culture events in the film, T.V., and music business. The type of music that will be played will be diverse, including jazz and other genres, but mainly Hip-Hop will be played, including hits from Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, and Outkast. There may also be a revolving door of Pacific University special guest co-hosts!