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"Two Guys, One Lapdog" with Matthew Mayer and Ryan Yoshida - Instagram

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Hosts Matt Mayer and Ryan Yoshida offer their two cents on an array of topics varying from small dog ownership and "being the drunk friend," to mostly inaccurate takes on sports, politics, and society in general.
Welcome to the best podcast you've ever heard of.

"Bagsakan" with Adriana Jones and Anthony Yamashiro

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A podcast sharing the experience of Filipinos in America from a sociological perspective. It also aims to highlight and discuss the contemporary struggles that the Filipino community faces. Exploring questions of Filipino identity. Am I Filipino enough? What exactly is Filipino culture? This podcast used counter-narratives in order to give insight to the experiences of a marginalized group of people and fosters a community on campus while simultaneously showing the importance of storytelling and history through candid conversations with guests and asking our audience to think critically.