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203 PLAYBACK with Quint and Skylar - Facebook  Twitter

203 PLAYBACK is a musical first-impressions podcast from two people who are vastly under-qualified. Each week, Skylar Matthes and Quint listen to an album live, preferably one that released recently, one track at a time, and talk about each track shortly after it finishes, then wrap up with general thoughts and a verdict on the album after first listen. This general shell will be supplemented each week through various musical talking points - music survivors where tracks are eliminated from an album one at a time until one track remains, signing off with hot takes, etc. Other possible episode formats include playlists or classic albums that at least one of them hasn't heard before.

"BoXXXer Talk" with Ash and Marissa - Facebook   Twitter

Tune in for a safe, serious, and supportive sex talk radio show! Check the Facebook page to see what topics are going to be discussed in the show. Produced by the Pacific University Center for Gender Equity.

"Meese Productions" with Amber and Katie

Amber and Katie will be playing a blend of different music, mainly classic rock and classic country. A brief history of the songs and artists will be presented between songs.

"Rhythm & Roots" with Gray - Facebook  Twitter  Site

Reggae Roots and Tangents

"Twin Skeletons" with Nicole and Melissa - Facebook  Twitter

Nicole and Melissa will be playing music from alternative genres including pop punk, grunge, alternative metal, some techno, and maybe even some music from Portland's local bands. The show will also include news from the alternative music world, and announcements for upcoming concerts in the area.